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Heart Failure, Valve disease, Cardiomyopathies 


We strive to provide optimum care for patients with chronic heart conditions including heart failure, cor pulmonale (heart disease secondary to lung disease) and various underlying diseases that lead to heart failure including valve disease and diseases of the heart muscle.


Coronary Artery Disease


We help to treat and optimize coronary artery disease with guideline-directed and approved therapies. Different diagnostic services are offered for diagnosis of heart disease both in the clinic as well as local hospitals.

Rhythm Disorders/Arrhythmias


We help in the diagnosis and management of different types of heart rhythm issues. We offer Ambulatory Holter monitoring and event monitoring for the diagnosis of diseases of heart rhythm as well as for surveillance, diagnosis, and treatment. We provide services for both clinic and remote monitoring of pacemakers and ICD's. 


Non-Invasive Treadmill Exercise & Chemical (Pharmacological) Stress testing


We provide stress nuclear testing with state of the art, with a C!Photon camera which allows patients to sit upright for comfort.




Stress & Routine Echocardiograms


Our staff includes certified technologists for performing echocardiograms in the office with state of the art equipment.



Heart Diseases

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