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Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot afford expansive medications. Can you help in any way? We probably have one of the best patient assistance program! We assist scores of patients every month in procuring the medications through Patient Assistance Programs of the pharmaceutical company. We help patients fill up application forms which are then sent to insurance companies. There is active coordination between our staff and the company and in interim, we provide coupons and patient samples. We also guide patients towards local sources of low-cost medications from local pharmacies and services like GoodRx etc.


How do I get an appointment? You can call us at our main office number (859) 625-1723 or click on “Schedule your appointment online!” link above to select the day and time of your visit. Our staff will call to confirm your visit at your selected time if available. Otherwise, you will be informed about alternate day/or time.


Do I need to bring in my records? We have login privileges with major healthcare systems, including UK Medical Center, St. Joseph Main /East and Baptist Health System in Richmond and Lexington. We can obtain reports of most of the hospital admissions and/or procedures and in some of the cases, we can the actual review your test images as well.


Would someone discuss with my test findings? We want the patients to fully understand their condition and test results and hence we review with the patients their findings and reports during follow up visit. If it is not possible for you to view your actual test images, then with the help of online images and videos, we can describe your findings in detail.


What if I don’t have heart disease and my symptoms may be from other diseases? Dr. Jadoon is also concurrently and actively board certified in internal medicine and you can discuss with him other non-cardiac diseases as well.


I have a pacemaker or defibrillator. Can you help in checking my device? Sure. We can interrogate the device in offices in Richmond and Berea and also help in remote monitoring as well.


I have sleep apnea. Can you assist in managing my condition or CPAP? We know the importance of keeping good oxygen levels at night. We take pride in our liaison with sleep centers, physicians and different vendors.


I am concerned about my weight and potential future risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. Can you help? Absolutely! We coordinate with multiple weight loss programs if you ever decide to have a bariatric procedure like sleeve procedure. We have referred scores of patients over the years for weight loss procedure and we can help you start the process.


What is your practice philosophy? This is where our practice is uniquely different from any other local, regional and Lexington cardiology groups. Our practice does not believe in unnecessary procedure and is completely patient-oriented. We always recommend guidelines directed therapy for your diagnosis and treatment.  The American College of Cardiology (ACC) provides a framework of evidence-based clinical statements and guidelines developed by leaders in the field of cardiovascular medicine.


Our focus is as much on the prevention of heart disease in the future as on the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, We believe that although heart & circulation may be one of the most important structures in your body, we focus on making you feel well overall. Sir William Osler said, “The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.” We strive to understands the whole patient and the context of that patient's illness.

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