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Proudly Local Service-World Class Care

We offer patient services at multiple clinics and hospital locations in Madison County.  Richmond office is not inside the hospital and hence there is ample parking available.


Our main office, which provides comprehensive office-based services, is located only a few minutes away from the Richmond downtown area. It is near the intersection of the major roads from Berea and Irvine.

Our clinic is highly & most rated by the patients and their families. We provide complete diagnosis and treatment options for heart diseases, high blood pressure, peripheral arterial disease, venous and lymphatic disease. Why?  Because of our compassionate staff; highly trained physician; convenient clinic locations in Madison County & continuity of care between different hospitals and ERs,

Our physician is board-certified in the diagnosis and management of diseases of circulation, heart diseases, and high blood pressure. 


Dr. Jadoon is concurrently board-certified by seven  Medical and Cardiovascular boards, and two non-board national certification agencies, and has had eight re-certifications since 1995. His patients love him because he is a very congenial and compassionate physician.    

Vascular Diseases

Our practice specializes in diagnosis and management of poor circulation (PVD), cerebrovascular disease (strokes, TIA's, carotid stensis) and aneurysms. We, of course, have special expertise in Vein diseases (Spider & Varicose veins, CVI)

Heart Diseases

Heart Failure, Valve disease, Cardiomyopathies: We offer long term services for optimum care for patients with chronic heart conditions including heart failure, cor pulmonale & various underlying diseases which lead to heart failure including valve disease and diseases of the heart muscle.


High Blood Pressure

We provide a whole array of services for diagnosing and treating high as well low blood pressure, white coat hypertension, resistant or secondary hypertension. Monitoring service for Ambulatory Blood Pressure is offered as well.

Coronary Artery  Diseases

Coronary Artery Disease: We treat blockages in coronary arteries with guideline directed and approved therapies. 

Different services are available for diagnosis and treatment in both clinics and local hospitals.


Health Plans We Accept

We accept most public and private insurance plans.  We also offer special pricing for cash-paying patients for most procedures.

Rhythm Disorders

Our cardiac rhythm services include diagnosis and management of different types of heart rhythm issues. We offer ambulatory Holter monitoring  and event monitoring for the diagnosis of arrhythmias. In addition, we provide services for both clinic-based and remote monitoring of pacemakers and defibrillators (ICD's)

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1042 Center Drive, Richmond, KY 40475 & 

Heart & Vascular Care, St. Joseph Berea, Berea KY 40403

Tel: (859) 625-1723

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